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About us 

     In 1996 the owners of the company set up baking of waffle cups in an electric stove. In 1997-1998 the company was already baking waffle cups in three electric stoves and alongside started baking flat waffle leaves in these stoves. In 2000 the company moved to the premises it had acquired right after their reconstruction and which were adapted to the production of waffle products. In 2002 the company initiated baking waffle cups in gas stoves. In 2004 it started baking sweet waffle products, which contained 35% of sugar. In 2005 the company started baking flat waffle leaves in a gas stove.

     At the moment, the company can offer its costumers waffle cups, flat waffle leaves of different size and thickness, a variety of sweet waffles. Our clients are the companies producing ice-cream and confectionery as well as trading companies.