Waffle products

Our company produces one type waffle cups for ice cream.


In general, three sizes of sweet waffle cones are produced.


We produce sweet waffle tubes in two sizes.


Sheet wafers are produced in two thicknesses: 4.2 mm thick and 4.8 mm thick.


We produce

Our company produces one kind of waffle cups for ice cream. They are mainly used for the production of ice cream in ice cream factories. Can also be used in confectionery plants for the production of confectionery.

We produce sweet waffle cones and sweet waffle tubes. These products are used in the production of ice cream and confectionery.

Waffle sheets are supplied to trade companies packed in 200 g or 300 g packaging and to confectionery companies packed in larger packaging. They can be cut to the dimensions required by customers and supplied to ice cream companies for the production of ice cream.

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