About usWaffle production

In 1996 the owners of the company set up the baking of waffle cups in an electric owen.In 1997-1998, waffle cups were already being baked in three electric owens, and baking of waffle sheets in electric owens was started too. In 2000, the company moved into the newly acquired premises which after reconstruction were adapted for the production of waffle products. In 2002 baking of waffle cups in gas owens was started. The baking of sweet waffle products containing up to 30% sugar was launched in 2004. In 2005 baking of waffles using gas owens was initiated.

At present, the company can offer customers waffle cups, waffle sheets of various sizes and two thicknesses and patterns, and various sweet waffles. Our customers are ice cream companies, confectionery companies and trade companies.

We produce

Our company produces one kind of waffle cups for ice cream. They are mainly used for the production of ice cream in ice cream factories. Can also be used in confectionery plants for the production of confectionery.

We produce sweet waffle cones and sweet waffle tubes. These products are used in the production of ice cream and confectionery.

Waffle sheets are supplied to trade companies packed in 200 g or 300 g packaging and to confectionery companies packed in larger packaging. They can be cut to the dimensions required by customers and supplied to ice cream companies for the production of ice cream.